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September 11,2001

"Nancy Poffenberger's book was excellently written in a very straightforward, matter of fact manner for young children. It does not try to politicize or dramatize 9-11, or place blame, like so many other writers have done. Highly recommended for teachers."
Amazon Book Review

About The Poffenberger System

The Poffenberger Method of Teaching music begins with placing color-coded stickers from your book on your keyboard or piano and matching the letter and color in the book with the same letter and color on your keyboard. This method was devised in 1974 by a classroom teacher and tested by 35 classroom teachers from K-6th grade. All teachers who tested it endorsed the method.

It begins with ABC lettering and then progress on into note-reading in Instant Piano Fun Book Two. It is successful with pre-school, elementary students, home-schooling, special needs children and adults, music therapy and Montessori students.

Feature In Parents Magazine

"An entertaining way for a person of any age to find out if he really wants to learn music."

Books Developed By A School Teacher


The Poffenberger Method for piano and keyboard initially requires no music teacher and goes from ABC letter to the written note. It is recommended for ages 4-94. Each book contains color-coded stickers which are placed on the keyboard which match the letter in the book. Instant Piano Fun Book Two takes you from ABC letter to the written note.

The recorder and xylohone books all use ABC lettering for Pre-Schoolers-4th or 5th graders.

Simple, Self Teaching: Instant Piano Fun

"My son, Bennett has really enjoyed using [Instant Piano Fun] Book 2 which was lent to us). His enthusiasm for playing piano is proof of your method for providing "instant success". We look forward to a holiday season filled with music! Thank you."
-J. Raye, Brigantine, NJ

Perfect for Teachers & Home Schooling

Iraq, 2003

Iraq, 2003

"This book by Nancy Poffenberger provides an unbiased account of a moment in history, which integrates current events, social studies and geography."
Amazon Book Review